6 On Your Side Answers: How to prevent identity theft on a holiday trip

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – With the Thanksgiving holiday two days away, many families are preparing to get away, relax and visit family.

However, many fail to realize that time of relaxation may leave you vulnerable to identify thieves.

Monica from Halls says, “My ID was stolen a few years ago while on vacation. Please remind viewers how to protect themselves.”

If you are hitting the mountains to enjoy the perks of the holiday, or visiting family out of the area for Thanksgiving, identity thieves could take advantage of those who let their guard down.

To help you stay safe, travel light before you take on your holiday adventure. Go through your wallet and remove unnecessary credit and debit cards, as well as anything displaying personal information.

Don’t forget to lock up or hide those cards in an inconspicuous place and to remember where you put them.

Be cautious of stand-alone ATMs. They are vulnerable to skimming devices. Stick with bank ATMs, as they are a lot more safe and secure.

If you have an iPad with you or a smartphone, don’t leave them unattended. Especially be careful if your kids have one of these devices.

This is common sense stuff, but so many of these easy-to-swipe belongings are easy to lose.

When traveling, remember checking account fraud is one of the most difficult types of identity theft from which to recover. Use cash, credit cards or travelers checks when on a trip.

When you take a trip, don’t let the world know about it by sharing your excitement on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Share your travel plans only with close friends, not to potential thieves who look for unattended homes.

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