6 On Your Side Answers: How to avoid Halloween scams

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KNOXVILLE (WATE) – With Halloween a week away, there are some bogus holiday scams to watch out for.

Rachael from Maryville writes: “I bought a Halloween costume online last year, it never arrived. Could this happen again?”

One of the biggest retail tales of terror at Halloween centers on bogus costume shops.

Some adults pay big bucks online to find that right costume for their Halloween parties only to discover the costume they ordered never arrives, despite being charged.

To be on the safe side, shop locally if you can. At least that way, you’ll have the costume in hand instead of depending and trusting on someone in another state.

There are many real Halloween e-cards that people can download and send to their friends. However, cyber criminals also can launch phishing attacks via social media sites and email sending fake Halloween e-cards and links to bogus games or phony video clips, so be careful.

In the past, hackers have used Halloween to launch Halloween-themed phishing attacks on computers that have affected lots of unsuspecting victims. What they do is trick people into visiting malicious websites that download a Trojan virus onto their computer.

When clicked on, the computer becomes corrupted and the hackers can gain access to vital personal information. Be alert.

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