6 On Your Side Answers: Student loan forgiveness Instagram scam

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KNOXVILLE (WATE) – With the government shutdown now in its tenth day, students with government loans are finding themselves potential victims of fake Instagram messages.

Cindy from Pigeon Forge asks, Will a legitimate company ask for personal information through social media?”

Cindy’s question is timely. It fits right in with a warning from Scambook, the Internet’s leading advocacy platform.

Instagram users are being warned to ignore fraudulent Sallie Mae Instagram accounts that allege, due to the government shutdown, student loans are being forgiven.

The illegal accounts then go on to ask for personal information by way of social media.

However, the Instagram accounts are fake. There is no government shutdown student loan forgiveness program.

Sallie Mae is not affected by the government shutdown. It is a publicly traded student loan company, and it does not have an Instagram account.

This scam is part of a growing list of online fraud attempts. Fake social media accounts are becoming typical fronts to steal your information.

Remember, companies will not ask for personal information through social media. If it looks like one is, it is phony.

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