Dave Gorman, South Doyle Middle School

Dave Gorman, South Doyle Middle School

Dave Gorman, a 7th Grade Science teacher at South Doyle Middle School, is our February 2013 teacher of the month. Mr. Gorman was nominated by multiple students including Dylan L., Samantha B , & mom Betsy L. as well as anonymous submissions.

Here’s what they say about Mr. Gorman:

He takes his personal time after school to help with 3 different after school clubs.

He understands and doesn’t get mad when you turn in homework late. He helps us to understand and get it right.

He answers a lot of questions when we have them.

If we do well on tests he gives us congratulations! Even when we do badly he encourages us.

When people have problems they can talk to him and he will help them.

He always tries to help you with your work.

A very good teacher!

Last year he taught us a lot and this year he still continues to have outdoor classroom club. They are now starting to build the classroom and we have made a flower garden and planted trees and cleaned the creek.

Mr. Gorman really cares about us.

His outdoor classroom was on the news! It’s really cool that he is doing this for us!

When I was having a hard time last year Mr. Gorman helped me out if I was upset. He checked on me to make sure I was ok.

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