Lisa Taylor, South Doyle Middle School

Lisa Taylor, South Doyle Middle School

Lisa Taylor, a 7th and 8th Grade Reading/Language at South Doyle Middle School, is our January 2013 teacher of the month.

Mrs. Taylor received several nominations from her students. Here are some of the reasons they gave for her nomination:

She explains everything clearly. She does this when we don’t understand it or when we get confused.

She helps us when we’re really struggling on things that are really hard.

She loves us – after class we say we love her and she says she loves us to.

She gives us candy when everyone behaves.

She takes time to help students.

She helps them academically by teaching them the correct way to do stuff.

She treats students like her own children.

If students need a backpack she will try to get them one. She gives them a pencil or eraser, anything she can provide to let them do their work. I know all of this because she is my first period teacher and the most wonderful teacher I know.

She’s fun and funny. Even when being serious during work time or the beginning of class, she can have fun. Sometimes the atmosphere in the class is different, but she tries to calm down, and get working and have fun while doing it.

She is a caring person. She got a gift for a student, and that student got a gift for her. Also, if there was a break-in or robbery, or something like that, she would look out for us and protect us like we’re her own, and we would protect her also.

Finally, she can actually understand how a teen’s life can be, and the problems as well. She will listen to you telling her the problem, and she would help anyway she can. She can understand a teen’s humor and jokes as well. She wants to make us proud, and we want to make her proud.

She’s an amazing, fascinating, and awesome teacher.

Mrs. Taylor is such a wonderful person on the inside and out. She cares so much about every single one of her students. She is no doubt a loving person. She absolutely LOVES the job she has today, which is of course teaching students. I feel like she is my mom at school, because she pushes me to be a better student, she wants me to succeed in school, and move to 9th grade next year. I love how she is always behind me saying, “Brittany, you can do this.” It makes me get a power over myself saying yes I can do it!

I just want to thank her for the awesome job she has done this year, and I know she will keep that awesomeness for many more years in teaching. She is always a hard-worker in everything such as: making sure her students are on top of it, and she is also caring on her family and her job. I would like to see Mrs.Taylor be rewarded for the hard work and effort she puts in everything. I would love that for her.

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