Joseph Book, Farragut High School

Joseph Book, Farragut High School

Joseph Book, a resource case worker in the Special Education Resource Department at Farragut High School is our November 2012 teacher of the month.

Here are the reasons given for Mr. Book’s nomination:

1. Mr. Book goes above and beyond to support his students. My son is a senior and we were fortunate enough have Mr. Book believe in Colin and support his needs for the past four years.

2. Mr. Book coaches the Special Olympics basketball and volleyball teams and is always building up his students.

3. Mr. Book works with the school as well as the students and parents to assure all the needs are met for his students.

4. Mr. Book helps the students understand what they are capable of, not making it easy or encouraging dependence on others but showing them what their talents are and how to be independent.

5. Mr. Book has more than once assisted Colin when he has had a bad day by bringing him into his office and listening to him without judgment or sarcasm.

6. Mr. Book deserves to be recognized for all he does for all of the students at Farragut High School. We do not very often recognize teachers at the higher level of education. I do know that the past four years would have been much more difficult for my son without the support and encouragement he received from Mr. Book. He has dedicated his life to special needs children with different levels of disability from high functioning autism to mental illness to severe disabilities. He is a very special teacher and we are so lucky he chose the profession that he was called to do!

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