Kay Irwin, First Lutheran School

Kay Irwin, First Lutheran School

Kay Irwin, a third grade teacher at First Lutheran School, is our October 2012 teacher of the month.

She was nominated by Kristi and Annie Crigger, who offered these six reasons for her selection:

1. Mrs Irwin does a fantastic job teaching both grade levels and challenging the students to do their best. My daughter is in 3rd grade and is already doing things in math and other subjects that I hear are being taught in higher grades at other schools.

2. Mrs Irwin instills a love for learning in her students. I see the kids wanting to learn and do more because of this.

3. Mrs Irwin teaches the kids so many things about fine arts. When you walk down the hallway to their classroom and see the artwork from the kids in her class, it is amazing to see how she fosters the talent of these 9 and 10 year olds. She teaches them Spanish and also teaches them some German. She teaches them how to sing and encourages a love for music.

4.Even though she is an authoritative figure, the respect these kids have for her is very well deserved because of the respect she has for these kids.

5. Mrs Irwin is not a typical, go by the books teacher. She “thinks outside the box” and has very creative ways to teach the children. Everyday there is a new surprise for the kids when they arrive. It may be one of her well loved dogs, or even baby chicks. The kids learn life lessons such as caring for other things, but Mrs Irwin also utilizes these things to help the children learn about curriculum subjects like science.

6. Mrs Irwin loves each one of her students and is very passionate about teaching the kids. They learn a lot through their schoolwork and also learn about the love of Jesus and that each one of them are very special.

We absolutely love Mrs Irwin and feel she is an outstanding teacher who deserves recognition.

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