Student accused in wine enema case speaks out

Broughton and his attorney, Daniel McGehee, speak at a news conference.
Broughton and his attorney, Daniel McGehee, speak at a news conference.

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The University of Tennessee student accused of using an alcohol enema at a fraternity party lashed out against local police and school officials at a news conference Tuesday.

Alexander Broughton, along with his lawyer, Knoxville attorney Daniel McGehee, spoke on UT campus Tuesday afternoon.

“I made a bad decision regarding drinking. That decision almost cost me my life and I deeply regret it,” Broughton said at the conference. “However, the scandalous accusations surrounding that event never happened and I completely deny them.”

Broughton made national headlines after he allegedly passed out and was later taken to the hospital with dangerous levels of alcohol in his system.

A Knoxville police investigation concluded that fraternity members at the Pi Kappa Alpha house had used rubber tubes to insert wine into their rectums.

When asked what did happen that night, Broughton responded, “It’s a long story.”

In a press release, Broughton claims he drank five or six beers and later played the drinking game “Tour de Franzia”, consuming wine from a box.

He claims he then passed out and his fraternity brothers attempted to wake him up by putting him in the shower.

“I was apparently on the floor of the shower, and when someone attempted to raise me off the floor, that person used my belt to lift me up which caused my shorts to be forced into my crotch area at which time I was told that I defecated on myself,” Broughton said in the release.

The bruising from that incident, Broughton claims, is the reason officials initially believed he had been sexually assaulted and later concluded that he had used an alcohol enema.

During the conference, Broughton and his lawyer also took aim at University of Tennessee administrators, the UT Police Department and the Knoxville Police Department.

“The inaccurate reporting this past week has caused me to question institutions that most of us accept as truthful,” Broughton said at the news conference. “I’m now concerned the organizations that we as students and as citizens trust may not have our best interests as one of their primary goals.”

He went on to say that the scandal had ruined his life and “severely and permanently tarnished” his reputation.

Broughton’s attorney is also a former member of the PIKE fraternity. During their statements, both men sought to clear the name of fraternity, saying the alleged incidents are false and should not reflect on the group.

The full press release can be found by clicking here.

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