Sandy Hale, Mount Olive Elementary

Sandy Hale, Mount Olive Elementary

Sandy Hale, a Kindergarten teacher at Mount Olive Elementary is our September 2012 teacher of the month. Ms. Hale was nominated by Ryan Hammond.

Here are the reasons given for Ms. Hale’s nomination:

We moved to Knoxville from Las Vegas, Nevada in 2010 and our son, Drake, began kindergarten that year. He got Mrs. Hale at Mount Olive Elementary School and we were so impressed with her that when the lease was up on our house this past summer, we specifically searched for and found a house in the same area (even though we were going to move to a different part of town), just so our youngest son could get the same experience when he started kindergarten this past August!

Words cannot describe just how valuable we feel she is to the teaching community, but if I have to list six reasons she should be nominated, they are as follows:

1. She connects with her students. She has an instantaneous calming effect on newcomers beginning their first year of school.

2. She genuinely cares for her students and adds her own personal touch to her class. She makes a scrapbook for each and every one of her students that represents their first year of school. She adds photos, examples of their work and touching little notes regarding their progress. She also gives each of them a personalized Christmas ornament from her each year.

3. She connects with the parents. She stays in continuous contact with the parents whether it is in person, through telephone calls or e-mail to keep them apprised of their child’s progress.

4. She supports her students by attending the assemblies, class parties, and after-school events. I cannot think of one that I haven’t seen her in attendance.

5. She has a structured curriculum in which the students learn. She takes the time each student needs individually to enhance their learning experience. We were very impressed at the end of the school year with all the knowledge our son had acquired in her class.

6. She genuinely loves her profession and has a gift for imparting knowledge to her students. Our first son, Drake, was always very excited to go to school and always came home happy and excited for the next day to come around. It is exactly the same for our son, Ryan. She set the tone for their love of school and learning.

I am truly grateful for everything she’s done and for these reasons; I believe she deserves to be Teacher of the Month.

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