Tara Spikes, Mount Olive Elementary

Tara Spikes, Mount Olive Elementary

Our February 2012 teacher of the month is Tara Spikes, a 1st grade teacher at Mount Olive Elementary.

Mrs. Spikes was nominated by Holly Rader, who said:

She is the hardest working teacher I have ever come across! She is often still at work when I pick up my daughter from the after school program at her school.

She motivates the kids with a stern approach that demands their attention and respect.

Tara Spikes, Mount Olive Elementary

She is fun yet drives these kids to do their best.

Mrs. Spikes taught both of my children and I feel she is one of those people who made a lasting impression on both of them to help them to become the amazing people they are supposed to be.

She also demands the parents get involved which is a key to success for our kids future.

She Rocks!!! She is an all around awesome teacher. I expect she will become a leader and principal soon!!!

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