Scott Hinds, Ft. Loudoun Middle School

Scott Hinds, Ft. Loudoun Middle School

Our January 2012 teacher of the month is Scott Hinds, an 8th grade language arts teacher at Fort Loudoun Middle School.

Mr. Hinds was nominated by Karen Katcham, who said:

Mr. Hinds is the most creative teacher I have ever worked with. He uses drama in the classroom – performing a skit marrying “and” with a comma because they are always together – creates songs that match his curriculum – including a song about commas that the kids wanted played at our last school dance. These are just a few examples of his creativity.

Mr. Hinds is dedicated to his students. He spends hours going out of his way for the students. He can be found volunteering his time to help with the Fellowship of Christian students often, playing music for their morning assemblies, even giving up a weekend a year to chaperone a trip.

Mr. Hinds creates lasting relationships with kids. Last month, he was walking through a grocery store to get food for our school dance and was caught by five former students who wanted to tell him all about their lives now that they are in high school. One even wanted his advice on his college and career choices, as he is currently a senior. It took forever for us to get out of that store.

Scott Hinds, Ft. Loudoun Middle School
6 News Chief Meteorologist Matt Hinkin congratulates Mr. Hinds.

Mr. Hinds is a highly qualified teacher with the scores to back up his skills. His TVAAS scores have consistently been among the highest in our school since he took over in 8th grade. In addition, our 8th grade writing assessment scores have consistently been above the state average and among the highest in Loudon County.

Mr. Hinds is the kind of educator who works hard to improve his own skills. He constantly finds online educational pod casts or is often finding places to train and grow as a teacher.
Finally, Mr. Hinds creates an atmosphere in which students want to learn. He brings in humor and entertainment without loosing the education. He has our 8th grade students so motivated to write well, by the time the writing assessment rolls around, they are teaching each other and practicing their writing on their own.

I believe Mr. Scott Hinds deserves this honor. He is a great asset to our students and community.

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