Laura Lovell, Bluegrass Elementary

Laura Lovell, Bluegrass Elementary

Our November 2011 teacher of the month is Laura Lovell, a Kindergarten teacher at Bluegrass Elementary School.

Tammy Barding Jones submitted Mrs. Lovell’s nomination, and offered these reasons for her selection:

As a volunteer in Mrs. Lovell’s class I am amazed at how unstressed, soft spoken and patient she is with all the kindergarteners. I feel that if the teacher provides a relaxed classroom the children are more apt to retain the information that is being taught. She is fabulous!

Mrs. Lovell has the ability to bond with all her students, and I must say she has bonded well with each and every one of her students. She seems to make each and every child feel as if they are the most important child in the class room. She seems to understand and communicate on their age level. She is very compassionate and in touch with their feelings. If a child seems bothered by something, Mrs. Lovell has a smile on their face through her teaching and the child seems to forget and involves itself in what is being taught.

Mrs. Lovell is a genius at teaching many different levels in her class. I have personally watched her have different levels of children doing different levels of work while never skipping a beat.

Mrs. Lovell is always displaying a very positive attitude in her class room. I like that! Positive is Powerful! This could be the most important thing that is being instilled in these sweet Kindergarteners. My child brought a drawing home from class that had a train going up a hill… the top of the drawing it read…I CAN. Powerful words for a young person. I am so thankful for Mrs. Lovell and her positive words.

Mrs. Lovell always allows the small children to express their feelings and allows them to talk to her. Not once have I heard her tell a child to remove themselves from her face or to go sit down, as if she did not have time to listen to what they had to say. All while the class room is running smoothly and brains are absorbing the teaching that Mrs. Lovell is providing.

Last but not least….Mrs. Lovell always has a smile on her face. My child is always so happy to get to go to school. We are so blessed to have Mrs. Lovell as a positive part of our life. I truly believe that if this class room wasn’t what Mrs. Lovell had made it …the children would not be excited to go and excited to learn.
Kindergarten is the beginning of the “real world.” I feel as if this time in a child’s life could be the most important. It sets the pace. I am so happy that Mrs. Lovell is “Setting a Fantastic Pace” for all her students.

Mrs. Lovell has earned this nomination and much more! She is for sure “OUTSTANDING!”

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