Gina Legg, Gibbs High School

Gina Legg, Gibbs High School

Our September 2011 teacher of the month is Gina Legg, a physical education teacher at Gibbs High School.

Here are the reasons that were given in her nomination:

Mrs. Legg is well respected by her students an staff. She keeps the classes interesting and fun and gives every day all she has.

She is there to listen to any problems with complete care and concern. She still loves her job after 20+ years and it shows in her attitude.

Gina Legg, Gibbs High School
6 News Chief Meteorologist Matt Hinkin makes the announcement.

She even stays after school every day to help coach track and field. She takes it even further as one of the co-directors for Special Olympics of the Greater Knoxville team, in addition to coaching the Special Olympics teams at Gibbs in local and state levels.

She develops lifelong friends with the faculty and even student’s parents. She only has positive things to say to and about students.

Who else has the time and heart for all this while putting two of her own kids through school?!

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