WATE 6 News Comment Policy

WATE 6 News wants to know what you're thinking. We encourage your comments about stories we broadcast and publish.

In order to make sure everyone feels comfortable freely expressing their opinions, however, we ask that you to follow a few basic guidelines.

We ask that you

  • Keep your comments civil and on topic
  • Refrain from vulgarity and racial slurs
  • Avoid name-calling and personal attacks

The point here is simple. Treat others with the same respect you would want for yourself. Comments that harass or humiliate others, joke about tragedies, or suggest violent acts against someone else fail to meet these standards.

If you post comments to our sites that violate these policies your comments will be removed and you may be blocked from further participation.

We also ask that the comments you make are your own work. Though you may briefly quote someone else's words to make your point, do not copy and paste entire passages of text.

Also, please do not advertise products, services or causes. The comments sections of our sites are for the discussion of ideas and points of view, not self promotion.

If you find that someone else has made a comment that violates our policies, please contact us directly.

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