Karen Littleton, Concord Christian School

Karen Littleton, Concord Christian School

Our March 2011 teacher of the month is Karen Littleton, a second grade teacher at Concord Christian School.

Here are the reasons why Ana Barnett nominated her as an outstanding educator on behalf of Rachel Barnett:

1. Mrs. Littleton always greets us (her students) with a warm smile or hug. She is really glad to see us every morning.

2. She helps us by reminding us of the things we need to do and turn in or have signed. She is always looking out for us.

3. She went to see me get baptized and is there for the important moments.

4. She never yells at us, instead she gives us happy grams and coupons for good behavior that allow us to bring in a special stuffed animal, chew gum in class, take off our shoes in class and homework passes.

5. She has really helped me love reading this year. I am now reading whole chapter books that are 3rd/4th grade level.

6. She has helped me believe that I can be anything I want to be and I want to be a teacher just like her, (or a vet–I really like dogs).

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