Susan Mullins, Sterchi Elementary School

Susan Mullins, Sterchi Elementary School

Our April 2011 teacher of the month is Susan Mullins, a resource teacher at Sterchi Elementary

Lisa Lee nominated Mrs. Mullins for Darrius Caswell. Here are the reasons that were given:

1. A very CARING teacher that makes my child’s day much easier for him.

2. Mrs. Mullins is one of the biggest reasons Sterchi Elementary has a great name in our community.

3. Keeps parents up to date on the student progress by making a phone call or call a meeting with concerns or positive input on our children.

4. A LOVING person beyond being a teacher.

5. I always feel good after our meetings or conversations about my child even if it’s not always “good.”

6. I just wanted to say that this is the last year for my son to attend Sterchi before middle school. I really dread leaving this great school and great teachers, office staff, lunchroom staff, janitorial staff, and all the assistants and guidance counselors and the closeness of the community that support Sterchi. But, Mrs. Mullins will be very much missed by my son. He tells me how much he cares and loves her. He has had obstacles to cross and a lot of patience was needed to help him succeed. I can say this with all my heart and my son’s heart that we love you and job well done Mrs. Mullins!

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