Jennifer Maryanski, South-Doyle Middle School

Jennifer Maryanski, South-Doyle Middle School

Our April 2011 teacher of the month is Jennifer Maryanski, a sixth grade math teacher at South-Doyle Middle School.

Jennifer Maryanski, South-Doyle Middle School

Here are the reasons why one of her students, Lauren Claxton, nominated her as an outstanding educator:

1. Mrs. Maryanski takes one on one time to make sure you are fully understanding the curriculum rather than blazing through the material. Even if the whole class except for one person understands she will not move on until the material is completely understood.

2. Instead of going through the motions by just teaching the facts, she takes her teaching a step further by forming enjoyable games to make learning fun.

3. She tries to make connections with her students beyond having them in class by asking questions about their lives. She loves to tell stories about her kids and what is hard about their schooling.

4. Mrs. Maryanski encourages kids to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation for her son and other people. Her son is battling juvenile arthritis and he has some tough times when he has to fight through. She tells us to fight through when something feels like it is too challenging because you will get through it with a positive attitude. That not only teaches a lesson in school, but also in life.

5. Mrs Maryanski searches for tools to make education more enjoyable. For example, She uses her SmartBoard constantly and just recently bought a tool that shows whatever worksheet we are doing to show up on her SmartBoard. Also, learning how to use an advanced calculator is crucial not only for the sixth grade, but also for future math.

6. Although there are countless more reasons why she is being nominated, my last reason is important but simple. Mrs. Maryanski simply loves math. I have never met a lady who loves it as much a she does. Loving the subject you teach makes a big impact on how much one loves their job. When people love it, it really shines through when they teach it like Mrs. Maryanski. I don’t know another teacher that is more well deserving teacher than her. I am very fortunate to have her as a teacher.

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