Scott County man’s 2005 murder gets focus from new sheriff

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HELENWOOD (WATE) – A Scott County man who ran a small bootlegging business was found shot dead in his home in May 2005.

Family members say J.B. Posey was not the kind of man who would let just anybody into his house.

Detectives believe he knew and trusted his killer. They say Posey was found dead by friends who went to check on him.

Posey was the oldest of five brothers and sisters, and he had four children.

There are a lot of people who miss him. “J.B. was a people’s person. He was friendly, a member of the VFW and was very active there. On Memorial Day, he always took flags to the veteran’s cemetery,” said his sister, Jeri Dobbs.

“He would always stop by a lot. He was very caring,” said his brother, Denny Posey.

Most people in the community were surprised by the murder because they say Posey was not the type of person who could be attacked or scared easily.

He always carried a gun with him. Plus he was social and had a lot of friends. That’s why most people believe his killer is a friend who could still be in the community.

“As a rule, he always carried a gun in his back pocket. If you went to his house, he took the gun and put it directly in front of him,” said Detective Randy Lewallen.

“When we got to the scene, we discovered Posey’s body on the floor of the living room of his house. Our investigation revealed he had been shot in the back of the head,” Detective Lewallen explained.

Posey’s bootlegging business was illegal. Scott County is a dry county that doesn’t allow the sale of whiskey.

His family says Posey would drive in bottles of whiskey from outside the area to sell at his home for a small profit. He was very selective about his clientele.

“There was probably more than one person in the house. It was someone he knew well enough to let into his house and be sitting and socializing with them,” the detective said.

The motive may have been robbery. Some money and a case of whiskey are among items missing from the house.

“It’s really disturbing to think whoever did this is still right here in this small community,” his sister said. Most of Posey’s family and friends are still in the area.

Recently-elected Sheriff Mike Cross believes the case can be solved and plans to focus on it for the next few months.

“One of the things that has hurt this case is that this is the third administration that it has gone through,” the sheriff said.

Until the killer is found, a lot of people in the community are potential suspects.

“I’ve met a couple of people out on the road, and they won’t look me in the eye. I’ve suspected they have something to do with it. If someone does not look you in the eye, that tells you they are probably not a real truthful person,” Posey’s brother said.

If you have information that could help the Posey murder investigation, call 423-319-8532.

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