Athanasios Bayiates, Chilhowee Intermediate School

Athanasios Bayiates, Chilhowee Intermediate School
Mr. Bayiates, Isaac Cagle and Matt Hinkin

Our November 2010 teacher of the month is Athanasios Bayiates, a fourth grade teacher at Chilhowee Intermediate School.

Here are the reasons given in the nomination for why Mr. Bayiates is an outstanding educator:

Walk into his classroom and you will think you have stepped into a Montessori setting that exists in a public institution.

Mr. Bayiates encourages group and collaborative learning. The children sit at round tables and work in groups. Each group has an above average student, an average student and one that is a bit behind. This helps everyone learn, because most children aren’t afraid to ask their peers for assistance.

The intelligent students increase their understanding of the subject each time they have to explain it to the others, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Also, this type of teaching causes the students to take responsibility for their learning, thus there are less behavioral issues and higher test scores.

Finally, he is patient, energetic and works diligently with the students. His approach to teaching is unlike any in Knoxville. He makes kids want to learn. My son struggles academically and doesn’t enjoy school, but he loves going to Mr. Bayiates’ class each day!

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