Alicia Pence, Little Miracles Learning Center and Daycare

Alicia Pence, Little Miracles Learning Center and Daycare

Our October teacher of the month is Alicia Pence, a teacher of three-year-olds at Little Miracles Learning Center and Daycare in Claxton.

Here are the reasons given in the nomination for why Ms. Pence is an outstanding educator:

Ms. Alicia is a remarkable, young lady who deserves to hold the title “Teacher of the Month.” I could almost sum up all the reasons she deserves this title in that she holds instructional learning in a classroom of 9 – three year olds. She deserves not only the title but a lifetime supply of Advil!

1. Every morning I drop my son off, Ms. Alicia greets him with a smile and a hug. She makes him feel good about being at school and more than that she makes me feel comfortable about having to leave my baby boy and go to work. I don’t think there is anything more important to a working mom than knowing your child is in a safe environment, with people who are attentive to their needs and that they feel happy in that environment.

2. Attentiveness: Since my son has started in the 3 year old room, the clarity of his words as well as his vocabulary has greatly increased. Ms. Alicia works with each kid on a one on one basis, with word pronunciation, speaking slowly and phonetics. He can now recite 4 bible verses and the Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Patience: Ms. Alicia again works with these 3 year olds on a day to day basis, teaching them in a classroom setting. 3 year olds who may or may not want to learn on any given day for any given reason. Of course there are a variety of different personalities floating around the room as well as each child has the attention span of a peanut. So far this year, my son is writing his first name, spelling it out loud, he can also distinguish between uppercase and lowercase, and can write A thru D both ways, count 1 to 20 and recognize numbers 1 thru 10.

4. Devoted: My son has been attending Little Miracles since he turned 1 and we have witnessed several teacher turnarounds. In most of the cases, it is simply because the teacher has found a better paying job with benefits elsewhere. Ms. Alicia has been with the daycare for around 2+years now. I am sure that a better paying job would be great for her financially however she seems incredibly devoted to these children and I couldn’t be happier about the great start in education that my son is receiving.

5. Availability: If ever I have any questions about my son’s daily sheet he brought home, what they had for lunch, what kind of mood he was in, etc she is more than available to answer my questions. If I have any problems even after school hours she is more than willing to answer my calls or even call me to check on my son when he hasn’t felt well or has been sick.

6. Kind: Ms. Alicia is kind to all of the children, she is one of those people you look at and say “she was born with that mom gift.” She is so good with the kids and you can tell that they all LOVE her and that they also respect her. Ms. Alicia loves the kids and respects them and speaks to them in a way that evokes their respect and good behavior without having to fuss at them or use harsh tones to get their attention.

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