School shooting suspect’s brother: officials could have prevented this

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6 News Reporter

CLINTON (WATE) — The brother of Inskip Elementary School shooting suspect Mark Foster spoke publicly Friday for the first time about his attempts to warn authorities.

Anthony Foster first allowed 6 News to reveal his identity Thursday night, but he wasn't on camera.

Anthony is Mark's older brother and only sibling.

He said he knew something like the shooting might happen and sent school officials explicit details last fall about his brother's mental instability by email.

When he did this, Anthony protected his identity by using a different name.

“I am the anonymous emailer, Johnny Sellers, and the reason I did that is to get information to the school system, the investigators at the school system, and remain anonymous,” he said.

Anthony explained that he feared for the safety of his family and himself.

In the email he sent to officials in November, he warned that Mark Foster was a “ticking time bomb.”

The email also gave information about Mark Foster's mental history and past employers where he allegedly was fired for being threatening.

Anthony said he got sick to his stomach to hear Knox County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre say officials had taken the information he sent seriously.

“I am thoroughly convinced if they had done their job correctly, these two ladies wouldn't be laying in UT hospital right now,” Anthony said.

He also said he feels school investigators who contacted him believed this was more of a family problem, and were more concerned about where the email came from.

By December, Anthony said he'd given up trying to warn them.

He said says he's glad his brother, Mark, is behind bars. “I actually feel safe for my family. It's hard to say. I hate that this has happened. I love my brother dearly, but what he did is not acceptable. It's horrific. I love my brother, but he needs help. He does not need to be in society.”

Anthony said he sent the email to all the Knox County School Board members, plus he copied Inskip Elementary Principal Elisa Luna. She and Assistant Principal Amy Brace were shot.

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