Morristown dentist’s former patient has work finished elsewhere

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DANDRIDGE (WATE) — There have been more delays in service for patients of Morristown dentist Dr. Paul Muscari, the subject of a ten-month investigation by 6 On Your Side.

Muscari was paid to prepare Mary Lynn Potter’s new bridge in July 2006. But she had another dentist do the work after waiting a year for Muscari.

Now, Mary Lynn is proud of her new bridgework. Her six front teeth were fitted two months ago.

Her bill for Muscari’s work was charged to a loan company called Care Credit. A total of $7,648 was paid to Muscari’s office.

6 On Your Side first interviewed Mary Lynn seven months ago. At the time, she had temporaries in her mouth and a temporary crown waiting to be finished. The work was done by Muscari.

Between last July and this January, she returned to Muscari’s office a number of times. On February 15, Mary Lynn wore a hidden microphone when she and her husband went to Muscari’s office to ask about the delay.

Mary Lynn asked Muscari when her bridgework would arrive. “I’m checking on that. I thought we had that back and I don’t know why we don’t. I thought it had come in,” Muscari told her.

“I know the last time I had come in here, a box had been dropped,” Mary Lynn said.

Muscari had an assistant call their supplier. Within a few minutes, he had an answer. “They say they have it. They need you to get to bite into a piece of wax, which you’ve done before. They said they’ve chipped some of the teeth on the bottom.”

Afterward, Mary Lynn was satisfied with the answer and planned to return for a third fitting. “He just said he needed to make another impression.”

But from February through June, she returned for more appointments and even more impressions. “The day I saw you in February, he made one then and he made another one after that.”

“And they didn’t work?” 6 On Your Side asks. “No,” Mary Lynn says.

She says Muscari eventually fitted her with some teeth, twice but they weren’t right. “They were way too big for my mouth. After he seen that I wouldn’t accept them, he agreed they were too big.”

Mary Lynn quit going to Muscari three months ago and quit paying Care Credit $163 a month for teeth that were never finished.

“He has his money but we don’t have our teeth, me and the other people who are in this mess,” she says.

Mary Lynn Potter called 6 On Your Side Wednesday saying she received a letter from Care Credit canceling her $7,648 charge. And she’s been promised a rebate on what she paid to Muscari.

Since the 6 On Your Side investigation began, four other former patients of Muscari have had their Care Credit charges canceled as well.

In June, Care Credit told 6 On Your Side the company has stripped Dr. Muscari of his merchant account. And the state is looking into allegations of rules and standards violations by Muscari.

6 On Your Side has called Muscari and written to him asking why several of his patients have waited so long but he has never responded.


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