Couple’s $19,000 dispute cleared with Morristown dentist

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KNOXVILLE (WATE) — Two more people billed by a Morristown dentist for work he never completed now have their credit cleared.

WATE 6 On Your Side began our reports with Andy and Amanda Jarvey in February. Soon after we aired their story, we sent the information to Care Credit, a company that loans money for dental and medical expenses.

The result of Care Credit’s investigation is reflected in the recent bill sent to the Jarveys.

From their new home in Wisconsin, the Jarveys said by phone an enormous financial weight has been lifted since their dispute with Muscari has been settled and he no longer works on their mouths.

“You know, he says he’s going to do one thing, takes the money and doesn’t do it. He was supposed to put false teeth here and up here, so I could chew,” Amanda said when she showed 6 On Your Side her four-month old temporary filling this past winter.

Andy’s mouth also had incomplete dental work.

The Jarveys said Muscari started their extensive dental care in summer 2006, but then stopped.

Andy’s bill from Care Credit was $12,000 and Amanda’s was $7,500. The dentist’s office received the total of their bills, $19,500, within days of the billing.

Late last fall, the Jarveys wrote to Care Credit claiming Muscari violated the fair credit billing act by not delivering services.

After New Year’s, Care Credit wrote back that it was “unable to resolve the dispute” in the “couple’s favor” and they remained “liable for payment.”

But now, that’s all changed. A letter written by Muscari’s office to Care Credit on January 7 says Amanda’s services were performed free of charge and Andrew’s services were performed at a reduced rate.

“Services totaling at least $19.500 have been performed. No charge back is owed,” the letter said.

“If that were honestly the case, I really don’t feel that Care Credit would have done their due diligence in reversing the charges back to both of our accounts,” Andy says.

Since our first reports, Dr. Muscari has refused to comment about the Jarveys or any of his other patients who’ve lodged complaints with Care Credit and the state dental board.

Care Credit has written to 6 On Your Side saying, “We are no longer providing a merchant account to Dr. Muscari.”

“I think that serves him right. That’s a testament to all the great work that you have done, that WATE 6 On Your Side has done in support of not only us, but all the other individuals out there who got took for a ride by Paul Muscari,” Andy says.

Muscari has not responded to 6 On Your Side’s repeated requests for an interview.

So far, at least 10 of  his former and current patients who contacted WATE 6 On Your Side has been interviewed by state investigators.

The Tennessee Department of Health is looking into allegations that Muscari may have violated standards of conduct, rules and regulations.

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