More complaints surface about Morristown dentist

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MORRISTOWN (WATE) — A WATE 6 On Your Side investigation into the billing practices of a Morristown dentist begun in December has turned up more complaints about his business.

Last month, Amanda and Andy Jarvey told 6 News their dental care was never finished after they paid Dr. Paul Muscari more than $19,000 in August 2006.

Dr. Muscari claimed he completed the couple’s dental work.

A loan company specializing in dental work, Care Credit, says the case is being investigated and is requesting additional information from the dentist.

Since then, more of Dr. Muscari’s patients have called 6 On Your Side.

We made several efforts to talk with  Dr. Muscari to get his side of the story, but he has not responded, nor has his attorney.

A former Navy dental technician says she was billed for services she never approved and they were never done.

In Morristown, Kim Johnson and her husband are fighting the $6,500 dental bill charged to her in January 2006.

“I’ve spent one entire year of my life trying to get this problem taken care of,” she says.

Johnson had been undergoing extensive treatment at Dr. Muscari’s office. She showed 6 On Your Side bills paid by her insurance and out of her own pocket for work that started in August 2005.

Johnson, who’s a registered nurse, says Dr. Muscari did do implants in her teeth. She talked with him about the possibility of a bridge to cover her new implants and a root tip in the back of her mouth.

She filled out an application to Care Credit.

“The way they presented it to me, it was a pre-authorization — a pre-authorization that did not mean we were going to do any billing.”

Yet Care Credit sent Johnson a bill for $6,500 for work she did not okay.

Johnson says she contacted Dr. Muscari’s office about the mistake and talked with Nancy Muscari, the dentist’s office manager and wife.

Johnson disputed Care Credit’s charges under the Fair Credit Billing Act, claiming Dr. Muscari never did the work.

“In this letter, Nancy says that the work was done,” Johnson said as she showed the letter to 6 On Your Side. It was dated March 13, 2006.

“That the work was done,” Johnson reiterated.

Two weeks after Mrs. Muscari wrote the letter Care Credit sent a response, repeating the claim that the work had been done.

“Your dispute has been reversed. Payment will be required,” the letter from Care Credit said.

Johnson continues to refuse to pay.

Last January she consulted a second dentist to finish her dental care, but Dr. Muscari did not relinquish her dental chart, almost one year after her first request.

In a lawsuit filed two months ago, Johnson alleges there were gross errors in Dr. Muscari’s records about the work he claimed he performed.

“I’m hoping that the Tennessee Board of Health will step up and take his license,” she said.


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