UT student’s body found

Christian Newsom

KNOXVILLE (WATE) — Police say the body of a UT student was found Tuesday in a Knoxville home is just down the street from where her 5914569_BG1boyfriend was found dead on Sunday.

The body of Channon Christian, 21, was found in a rental house on the 2300 block of Chipman Street in East Knoxville. It was taken to the UT Forensic Center where the positive identification was made.

The body of Christian’s boyfriend, Christopher Newsom, 23, was found Sunday afternoon along the railroad tracks near 9th Ave.

The couple disappeared Saturday night while they were on a date.

Police have not released the cause of their deaths, but they say Newsom was murdered.5914569_BG2

Christian’s car was found near where Newsom’s body was found.

There are two Facebook.com pages devoted to Christian. Just by looking at the posts, you can tell she is warm, caring and devoted to her friends and family.

Christian describes herself as a 2003 graduate of Farragut High School, a medical tech with area hospitals and an employee at a shoe store in West Knoxville. Her co-workers say she’s worked there for five years.

One former co-worker says Christian was the sweetest person he’d ever met. He described her as full of life with a good head on her shoulders.

The owner of the Chipman Street house, who asked not to be identified, said he’s shocked to hear a body was found there. He couldn’t give 6 News any other details because investigators have asked him not to reveal anything.

Christian and Newsom went to a friend’s house at the Washington Ridge apartments Saturday night. They were going to dinner, then to another friend’s house to watch movies. But they never made it to that house.

Channon was set to graduate from UT this year.

If you have information on the crimes, call Knoxville police at (865)-215-7212.

6 News Reporter Erica Estep and Anchor/Reporter Melissa DiPane contributed to this report.

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