Dating rights and responsibilities

HEART – (Helping End Abusive Relationships Together)

A support group for teen girls dealing with dating violence


I have the right:

1) To be treated with respect always
2) To my own body, thoughts opinions and property
3) To choose and keep my friends
4) To change my mind – at any time
5) To not be abused – physically, emotionally or sexually
6) To leave a relationship
7) To say NO
8) To be treated as an equal
9) To disagree
10) To live without fear and confusion from my boyfriend's anger


I have the responsibility:

1) To not threaten to harm myself or another
2) To encourage my girlfriend or boyfriend to pursue their dreams
3) To support my girlfriend or boyfriend emotionally
4) To communicate, not manipulate
5) To not humiliate or demean my girlfriend or boyfriend
6) To refuse to abuse – physically, emotionally or sexually
7) To take care of myself
8) To allow my boyfriend or girlfriend to maintain their individuality
9) To respect myself and my girlfriend or boyfriend
10) To be honest with each other

A program of Child & Family TN and The Family Crisis Center. For group time and location, call (865)-673-3066. Ages 17-17.

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